New SISK12 User ID Message

Your SISK12 ID is (replace this text with UserID)  with no password. You will be prompted to create a new password after initial log-in. Please do not use anyone else’s log-in at any time. 

SISK12 Website Addresses: ‐ This is to access live student data. This area is used to practice. The training database is refreshed weekly with data from the live area. You can sign in to the training environment using your login for the live area. ‐ This area is a sample of a fictional K‐12 school district. You can access this area using the following logins with no password: JIMCAR (gr. 6 teacher), KARWIN (gr. 8 teacher), CHRAGU (principal), WANMCG (sped manager), SIDPOR (sped self‐contained teacher), PENCRU (site secretary), ALBFUL (nurse), PAUAAR (lunch POS).


Your user name is setup as such:

*First Initial of your first name (L)

*Your 2 digit birth month and day (0115)

* Followed by your full last name (Smith)

* L0115SMITH for example

School Codes used in SISK12:

School Name                                                     Code

  • Chute                                          1002

  • Haven                                                     1007

  • Nichols                                                   1012

  • Dawes                                                    2004

  • Dewey                                                    2005

  • Lincoln                                                   2009

  • Lincolnwood                                         2010

  • Oakton                                                   2014

  • Orrington                                              2015

  • Walker                                                   2019

  • Washington                                           2020

  • Willard                                                   2021

  • King Lab                                                 2022

  • Kingsley                                                 2023

  • Bessie Rhodes                                      2024

  • Rice                                                        3017

  • JEH Ed Center                                       3020

  • Park                                                        6101

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